Tuesday, 14 October 2014

@Alan 3rd Script

Scientist Tannoy announcement
Initiate distraction 2.9.8
INT. Observation room
Girl sitting in a chair, texting on her mobile phone.
Panel drops from the left side of the room.
Mechanical arm enters holding a pink unicorn doll.
The arm places the doll on the table near the girl.
After a slight pause the arm continues to push the doll closer to her.
It stops pushing the doll, picks it up and returns into the wall.

Scientist Tannoy announcement
Initiate distraction 2.9.9

INT. Viewing room
Scientist pushes up another switch

INT. Observation room

Girl continues to stare at her phone.
A panel from the floor slides to one side.
Enters another panel with a box upon it.
Panel tilts to the side, sliding the box onto the table.
Panel then exits through the floor.
[Muffled barking noises come from the box]
Girl remains unaware of the surroundings.
Arm appears from the floor and takes the box back under the floor.

Scientist Tannoy announcement
Initiate distraction 3.0.0
INT. Viewing room
Scientist opens the clear cover containing a big red button.
He pushes the button with some hesitation.

INT. Observation room
Girl continues to use her phone, undistracted.
A small bomb is lowered into the room, just above her head.
We see a count down appear on the wall.
Lights in the room start flashing red.
[Emergency siren starts up]
The girl continues to ignore everything but the phone.
Countdown gets down to 0.
Small amount of smoke comes out from bomb.
Lights stop on red low light.  Phone glow becomes visible.
Girl continues to look at the phone.
The battery dies in the phone.
Lights return to normal.
Girl looks up and around the room in realization for a moment.
She then looks down and pulls out another phone from her pocket.

Continues to use her phone.

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  1. Hi

    As a script it almost there...I would suggest using a 'cut/ beep' style of edit between each a event (like it was being filmed for science records and someone shouted 'cut' because it wasn't working). That will allow you to move quickly to the next sequence and not necessarily need a scientist at all (sorry Tom). The end is almost there but needs a bit of tightening..for example the explosion is a little extreme (also a bit vague at the moment) and the phone dying needs to be worked out visually (how do we see the phone etc). Its close though so either come a see me to refine it further or dive back in and tinker with it a bit more and repost.